Kudos Life Experiences, presents an ultimate journey of discovery that transports you back in time. Experience an inspiring voyage to Ancient Greece that allows you to discover the soul of a legendary civilization while re-living some of its most glorious manifestations. Among other activities our time-travellers will be transported back to Ancient Delphi where they will experience the rituals of the Ancient Oracle and the revival of the Pythian art and theatre games. Following the paths and evolution in history, they are then transferred to iconic locations in Greece including ancient temples, theatres and the stadium of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games where they are casted in participating in various sports of the era, while others perform the related ceremonies. Costumes, accessories, artistic make up are all part of the production. Our team consists of scriptwriters, production companies, actors and actresses, chefs and scholar advisors.

Kudos is focusing in scripting and producing once in a lifetime travel experiences with scenes in unique and isolated Greek locations. Inspired by a diversified cultural and mythological pool of scripts we select stories worth sharing and invite our member clients to reinvent themselves in play roles they have heard of or dreamed of as children while at the same time they reinvent Greece from a completely different perspective. Their travel wanders are then shared with their friends in a personal movie production.

“The Journey Back to the Past” is among our favorite travel scripts and includes unique reproductions of some of the most iconic elements of the Ancient Greek culture taking our guests over 3,000 years back in time. Our crew of actors and actresses blend in with the guests so that the story smoothly unfolds till they forget the time has passed and totally blend in with the theme of the era.

Follow us to a journey back in time and bring back with you the legends and memories of one of the most incredible eras of the world history.

Kudos Life Experiences is a boutique experiential travel design company, offering a fresh and creative way to re-discover Greece. We reach out to the high-end connoisseur travellers who are looking for tailor-made trips that respond to their specific needs for internal and external exploration. We listen to these needs and create with them journeys full of unique and authentic experiences that can resonate on a deeper level and allow for a stronger connection to the local people and culture.