Over the last few years, Athens has become a popular city break destination with its visitors looking to discover the new while still paying tribune to the old. The city beyond the classical era has more to show as innovation blends in with creativity and modern elements. From upcoming neighborhoods to artists, restaurants, bars and shops, the city re-invents itself and proudly shows her new sides. An ideal day in Athens to blend in the old and the new is as follows:

08.30am: Start your day at Apollo temple in Vouliagmeni where the sound and the sea aromas enhance a strong image of the place and its history.

09.40am: Avisinias Square at the heart of the city invites you for the first coffee of the day in the midst of the fleet market of Monastiraki and the antique shops.

10.30am: Walk in the streets around Avisinias, towards Evripidou Street where east meets the west, with colourful spices and Greek herbs.

11.00am: In a short distance is the area of Keramikos and Gazi where the variety of upcoming artists’ ateliers will surprise you. Visit the ateliers and spend some time with the young artists, while monitoring the way they work and they see the new Athens and its expressions.

13.00pm: Lunch at Mitropoleos Street where you can find new and trendy restaurants celebrating modern Greek cuisine.

13.30pm: A fruity digestive Greek wine is served at Poems and Crimes showcasing some of the best Greek literature.

14.20pm: If you are a fan of vinyl records, a visit to Ypogeio at Kolonaki should be included in the day.

15.00pm: Time for a Turkish Hamam in the center of Athens, at the Vouvo Giatro in the area of Thesion. You can buy handmade soaps and oils from Sabater Hermanos.

16.00pm: Your artistic journey carries on at Bernier Elliades, before an afternoon wine at Ambelosofies with unique Greek wine labels.

18.00pm: A tour of the Acropolis Museum. 

19.45pm: At the road of Cine Paris, with beer and Greek mezedes, under the clear summer sky.